Rules and regulations

The Villas of Pinecrest has 213 Units. Because this is a joint venture, we as owners of an individual unit have combined interest in what happens as far as the condominium as a whole is concerned. It is important, therefore, to have a set of Rules and

The inside of your apartment is your private home just as if it were a single dwelling. You own it and are responsible for maintaining it. In addition to owning your own apartment, you are a co-owner of the Villas of Pinecrest structure and facilities.

The supplementary Rules & Regulations were adopted on August 5, 1999 at duly noticed meeting of the Board of Directors.

The facilities of the Villas of Pinecrest are for the use and enjoyment of the owners.
These regulations have been established and adopted to maintain high standards, pleasant living conditions, and for the common welfare and best interest of all Villas of Pinecrest owners and will be strictly enforced.
Owners that lease their units are responsible for providing their tenants with a set of all Rules and Regulations.
Compliance is essential to the successful operation of the Villas of Pinecrest Condominium.


I. The exterior of the condominium and all others areas appurtenant to the condominium shall not be painted decorated or modified by any owner in any manner without the consent of the Board.
2. Balcony floors may be painted a neutral color or covered with light colored tile or marble or as decided upon by the Board
3. The exterior of all window decorations (draperies, shades, etc.) must be a neutral color. No reflective material of any kind (like aluminum foil etc.) wi1l be permitted on the windows or glass doors.
4. Balconies are to be kept clean and in good appearance at all times. No articles of clothing, towels, beach apparel, cleaning material, rocks, etc. may be placed on balconies or railings where they may be visible. No furniture, which extends higher than the rails on the balconies, shall be placed there. Nothing should be on the balcony except for Plants and Patio Furniture (Not to include indoor furniture placed outside. FURNITURE ON BALCONY MUST BE PATIO FURNITURE ONLY.
l 5. There should be nothing on balcony railings including or any other objects. Nothing should be hanging from the balcony ceiling other that may change ceiling structure other than the regular light fixture.
6. Nothing may be thrown, poured, or shaken from the balconies or windows. Cigarettes and matches are particularly dangerous and must not be tossed over railings. Nor shall any unit owner sweep or wash any dirt, debris or water from their balconies unto the common areas or limited common area.
7. No cooking is permitted on the balconies. No tires or cooking devices of any kind to include gas or charcoal grills are permitted on balconies.
8. No signs (excluding security signs) advertisements (for rent signs) or notices shall be exhibited, displayed, inscribed, painted or affixed in or upon any part of the condominium property.
9. No awnings, canopy, shutters except hurricane shutters which conform to specifications adopted by the Board as elsewhere provided in these Rules or other projections shall be attached to the outside walls, doors, balconies, windows or other portions of the building or common areas., unless approved by the Board
10. No exterior antennas and satellites, except those preempted by government law. Consent needed to affix anything on the structure and consent may be withheld on grounds of aesthetics. No satellites shall be affixed to building.
11. Unit owners may display one portable, removable United States flag in a respectful way. You may also use Holiday Decorations, nothing may be nailed to the door or building. Decorations must be removed two (2) weeks after the holiday.
12. Owners shall remove all loose or movable objects from balconies during a hurricane alert or whenever their unit is to remain vacant for an extended period. Owners shall be responsible for any damage to the property of the Association or to the property of other owners, which is caused by loose objects falling from their balconies.
13. No resident, family or guest shall make any disturbing noises in the balconies.
14. No pets may be kept on the balconies when the owners are not in the unit.
15. Sweeping debris off the balconies or hosing balconies arc prohibited. Waterproof containers shall be placed under all flowerpots located on balconies.

I. Exterior surfaces of doors opening into hallway may not be altered without permission of the Association, nor shall individual owners alter hallways or place furniture or other objects in the hallways except with the permission of the Association. No door decorations are permitted except in the case of holidays. See Balconies # 9, No doormats are to be placed in corridors,
2. The halls, entrances, and stairways may not be obstructed with anything at all, Bicycles, surfboards, beach umbrellas. Carriages, toy any personal items, and chairs are not permitted in the hallway or stairways. .
3. No flammable combustible or explosive fluids or chemicals shall be kept in any unit or common areas.
4. Work done in a unit, whether done by the resident or by a contractor which can include but is not limited to: carpet work, tiling, heavy carpentry, etc should be done between the hours of 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM Monday -Friday, and 10:00 AM -4:00 PM on Saturdays.
5. A Village of Pinecrest building permit must be obtained for any reconstruction or remodeling. Copy of permits shall be given to management.
6. Any damages done to the structure during renovations or alterations will be the liability of the unit owner.
7. No waterbeds are allowed. Any unit owner in violation of this rule shall be held fully responsible for any and all damages resulting from rupture of the waterbed.
8. Smoke detectors may not be altered or compromised. Should be kept in working conditions.
9. Cigarette butts must be extinguished and disposed of properly. Not to be disposed of over the balcony or on the ground.

1. Unreasonable noises that will create a disturbance to other residents are prohibited.
2. Any work requiring the use of tools such as drills, hammers, etc, should be limited to the hours of 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-4 on Saturdays.
3. All occupants shall exercise extreme care at all times about making noise, specifically in the use of musical instruments, radios, televisions amplifiers, etc., that may disturb other occupants. Reasonable volume of all sounds and voices shall be enforced between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM.
4. Children must be carefully supervised while they are on condominium property. Playing and loud noises will not be tolerated in the corridors, parking lot, clubhouse, stairwells, and other common areas. Children may play in designated playground area if supervised by an adult.

I. All food waste must be placed in plastic bags or wrapped in plastic and securely tied before placing in trash bins. Garbage shall be placed in bins only not on the floor or sides of bin. Proper disposal will help avoid odors, poor sanitation, and attraction of rodents, bugs or vermin.
2. Fence doors to the garbage bins must be closed at all times.
3. Loose contents of wastebaskets, ashtrays and packing materials should be bagged and securely tied before placing in the bin. No lighted cigarettes or cigars shall be thrown down the bin.
4. Bottles, cans and jars should be rinsed before placing in the recyclable basket. Newspapers should be neatly bundled before placing in the recyclable basket.
5. Any movers or deliverymen are to be instructed by the owner to take all boxes and packing materials
with them when they leave the premises. These materials are not to be placed in the bin or hallways.
6. Owners are responsible for removal of all excess materials and debris such as from alterations or improvement of any apartment. No construction debris can be disposed in the trash bins.

1. Moving time is restricted to the hours 9:00 AM to 5 :00 PM Monday through Fridays. No moving will be permitted on Saturday, Sunday or holidays, unless absolutely necessary, then the hours are Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday & holidays 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM. Same rule shall apply for delivery and contractor use.
2. Any damage caused to stairwells, door, etc during moving or deliveries will be responsibility of the unit owner.
3. Moving in and out of the building should be accomplished in a professional and orderly manner.
4. Movers must remove from the condominium property all boxes, crates or packing material. Items not removed by movers will be the responsibility of the person moving in or out.

1. All exterior doors should remain locked at all times.
2. Maximum security requires the continued cooperation of all residents. Residents should immediately notify the security guard of any suspicious person or incident. Residents should refrain from distracting the security personnel from their assigned duties and should neither instruct, harass nor criticize them. Any criticism or instruction shall be directed to the Management Company. No person other than an Association Officer shall direct, supervise or in any manner attempt to assert any control over employees of the Association.
3. Visitors will not be admitted, unless the owner or tenant allows it. No one is to be admitted to the building unless identified by the security person as a unit owner, renter or approved visitor.
4. Security guards should be notified immediately of any emergency.
5. Security guard is required to challenge any stranger entering the property .To avoid confusion and annoyance, notify security or condominium personnel in advance of expected visitors and guests and also notify security when service personnel are to work in your apartment.

1. Parking space may not be used for any other purpose than the parking of private vehicles.
2. Commercial vehicles, such as pick-up trucks, vans or cars carrying advertising signs, trailers, recreation vehicles, boats and boat trailers or vans of more than 10 passengers may be parked on designated area by the first five parking spaces on the east side of the guest area by the canal.
3. No derelict or junk vehicles that can not operate on their own power shall remain on the Condominium Property for more than (48 hours). No repair of vehicles shall be made within the condominium property. No maintenance, service or repairs shall be pcrforn1cd except in an emergency.
4. Vehicles must be parked within the painted lines assigned to your unit number (unit number should be painted on the bumper) and pulled up close to the bumpers. No parking is permitted within the driving lanes nor in such manner as to impede access to another space. Vehicle should never be parked on a space that is assigned to another unit number. Any infraction of parking rules should be reported to the security guard or condominium personnel. Towing will occur immediately following notification to the security guard or condominium personnel of such violation. Any other infraction of the parking rules should be also reported to the security guard. If such violation continue after notice, within one hour, appropriate action will be taken, such as towing or imposing fines.
5. Vehicles may not exceed 5-mph speed within the condominium property.
6. Trucks for Service Company or deliveries are allowed to park in spaces designated by the security guard or for guests.
7. Staining floors with grease or oil leakage from cars should be corrected as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of each unit owner or lessee.
8. Car washing is not allowed on the property. Professional car washing is prohibited on the property. Anyone caught opening water spigots may be fined.
9. Parking on property is at your own risk. The Association is not responsible for damage, theft or vandalism of any vehicle.
10. Bicycles and motorcycles shall be parked in the space designated for them and not anywhere else.

I. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.
2. The pool may be used from 7:00 a. m. to 10:00 p. m.
3. All persons are required to shower at poolside before entering pool.
4. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. Children who are not toilet trained, nude or in diapers are not permitted to use pool.
5. Users of suntan oils or other lotions are required to protect patio furniture by covering it with a beach towel.
6. Beverage or food is not to be consumed within 6 feet of pool. NO GLASSW ARE is permitted in the pool area.
7. Bathers must be dry before entering the building. Proper bathing attire is required. No topless or nude bathers will be tolerated.
8. Except for life preservers, no toys or objects of any kind including flippers may be taken into the pool.
9. Running and diving is prohibited.
10. Under no circumstances are pets permitted in or about the pool deck or area.
11. No one with a communicable skin disease or skin disorder or bandaged wound may enter the pool.
12. No loud radios, roller blading skateboards or games involving running or shouting are permitted in pool area.
13. Use ashtrays; do not use planters for ashtrays, or the floor to dispose of your cigarettes or cigars. Do not toss cigarettes or cigars over the railings.
14. Chaise Lounges shall not be reserved. No food or glassware is permitted at the Pool.
15. Disorderly conduct of any kind in the pool or in the pool area, is prohibited and is grounds for ejection.

I. The recreation room will be made available for the use of its residents and invited guests on a first come first serve basis. The maximum capacity is posted. No smoking allowed in clubhouse.
2. Reservations must be arranged through the Management Company. The person giving the party is responsible to obtain their own liability insurance, the Association will in no way be responsible for any accidents occurring during the party or to any damages to any individuals attending such party or as a result of the party.
3. A refundable deposit of $200.00 shall be paid prior to set up of the party .The room will be checked by security before and at the end of the party .The deposit will be returned in two working days if no damage has occurred. A lease fee of$50.00 is required at the time the room is reserved and a lease agreement must be sign.
4. When using the recreation room for party, the unit owner or renter will be responsible for cleaning up and leaving the room in the same clean and orderly manner that it was found.
5. Persons who are not 18 years of age or older shall not be permitted to use the recreation facilities unless under the supervision of an adult unit owner or lawful occupant over the age of 18. Unit Owners shall be responsible for all actions of children visiting or occupying their unit at all times while in or about tile condominium property.

1. The gym will be used at the owner’s own risk. The Association wi1l in no way be responsible for any accidents occurring by the use of the gym.
2. The gym room should be locked at all times.
3. Children under 16years of age may use the Gym equipment if they are accompanied and supervised by an adult. Food or drinks (except bottled water) are not permitted in the gym room at any time.
4. Hours for the gym will be 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Proper attire is required.

1. Children are not to play in public halls, stairways or parking areas. Reasonable supervision must be exercised when children are playing on the playground area and pool area. Loud noises will not be tolerated. Fines will be imposed if in violation.
2. Children will be the direct responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, who must supervise them while they are within the condominium property. Full compliance with these rules and regulations shall be required, if not fines will be imposed.

I. No pets total weight can exceed over 35 pounds (Seeing Eye dogs; are excluded from this weight limitation) are permitted in the condominium units.
2. Pets must be carried or leashed all the time when outside the unit and attended by an adult; this includes common areas and parking areas.
3. Pets are not allowed to stay on balconies if owners are not in the unit. No feeding of pets or stray animals outside of unit.
4. Pets are not allowed in any common area of the property.
5. Violations shall entitle the Association to all their rights and remedies including the right to fine the unit owner and or to require any pet to be permanently removed from the condominium property within 3 days of written notice.
6. Each unit pet owner shall assume full responsibilities and liabilities for personal injuries or property damage caused by their pet.
7. All pets must be walked off property or in the designated area, to do their business. Should a pet create a mess on the property, the owner must clean up such mess immediately.
8. All pet feces must be double rapped when placed in the trash bin. This is to prevent the possibility of the bag tearing.
9. Pets must be registered with the Association. Written approval from the Board of Directors is required prior to ownership of any exotic pets.

1. Owners shall notify the Management Company when guests have their permission to use their unit in their absence.
2. Guests will be given a copy of the rules and regulations. Owners are responsible for tl1C conduct of their guests within the condominium property and shall familiarize their guests with these rules and regulations.

I. The Board of Directors has voted to retain professional services as a means of screening potential renters.
2. No unit owner may be lease a unit more than twice during any 12-month period, and no rental shall be for less than a 6-month term per Section 15.07 of the Condominium Declaration. The Association has the right to approve or disapprove all rentals.
3. A copy of the owner’s lease agreement. Application for Lease Approval. and application for occupancy approval must be submitted to the Board at least 10 days prior to the anticipated commencement date of the lease.
4. A non-refundable fee of$100.00 made payable to Villas of Pinecrest Condo Association for screening services to conduct a background check is required before any process can get started on the leasing of a unit.
5. A rental security deposit of equal to one (1) months rent will be required of all lessees. The cost for repair of any damage to the common areas by the lessee, their children, guests or pets will be deducted from this deposit. This deposit will be in a separate non-interest bearing account and will be refunded within thirty days of move out.
6. An interview with prospective renters or buyers by at least one owner and one Board member or screening committee will be conducted in order to help with orientation, because the Declaration of Condominiums requires that the Association must approve all sales and leases.
7. All owners who intend to sell or lease their units, shall give the notice to management of such intention, together with name and address of the intended buyer or lessee and a copy of the contract of sale or lease together with the application for approval and such other information necessary for the personal interview.
8. Simultaneously with the submission by the owner of an application for sale or lease of his unit, the owner shall also submit a written acknowledgement signed by the prospective purchaser or lessee that they have received copies of all the rules and regulations of the condominium.
9. All rules apply to owners, renters, guests and visitors.
10. The Association has 10 days in which to act on a sale or lease transaction after receipt of all properly completed forms.
11. The lessee may not assign a lease, nor the premises or any part thereof be sublet. Renewals of existing leases shall require a separate approval of the screening committee to get updated information.
12. Without a signed, sealed and notarized certificate of approval from the condominium. the buyer or lessee will not be permitted to move in.
13. After a unit has been rented, the unit owner shall not have the right to use any of the condominium facilities or common areas or elements during the period of the lease.
14. Former renters or unit owners who cause any damage at the property or violate any of the provisions of the condominium documents will not be approved for new occupancy.
15. Persons who are neither owners nor lessees may not occupy a unit in the absence of the unit owner for more than 2 weeks, and unless the Association receives a written authorization a week in advance from owner. This does not apply to immediate members of owner’s family (husband, wife, children, and grandchildren).
16. When a unit is leased, a tenant shall have all the rights to use the property facilities and common elements, and the owners of the leased unit shall not have such rights, except as a guest. The Association has adopted rules to prohibit dual usage by a unit owner and a tenant of Association property and common elements.
17. The Management Company must receive written notice 2 days in advance concerning bona-fide guests who will be residing for an extended length of time exceeding seven (7) days. Notice by telephone or brought. by guest on arrival are not accepted.
18. An owner, his lessee or guest shall be .joint and severally liable for the cost of repair or replacement damages of any kind, including court costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, etc.

1. Solicitation: There shall be no solicitation anywhere on the premises for any cause, charity, religious or any purpose whatsoever. No commercial or business activity shall be conducted in my unit or on the condominium property with the exception of small home based businesses, provided no clients are received at the property.
2. No solicitors of a commercial nature are to be allowed on the condominium property without the proper written consent of the Association. No posting of solicitation is permitted on property.
3. Units will be used only as residences. Small home based businesses are allowed provided clients are not received in the property per Section 22.03 of the Declaration.
4. Unit occupancy is restricted to law of government authorities having jurisdiction over the property.
5. Owners will be responsible for all water damage resulting from the misuse of plumbing, washers, or their failure to make needed repairs.
6. Owners and lessees will be responsible for any damage to the condominium property caused by them, their guests or by others performing service on their behalf.
7. No one shall be permitted in common areas (recreation room) wearing a wet bathing suit or when suntan oils and cream are used.
8. Per Section 14.15 of the Declaration, individual unit owner shall be responsible for Purchasing at his Own expense, liability insurance to cover accidents occurring within his own unit, and for purchasing insurance upon his own personal property, and living expenses.
9. Filters in unit’s air conditioners should be cleaned monthly or at least every 2 months to optimize cooling and prevent condenser pan overflow, which Can cause water damage.
10. Any damage to another owner’s unit or the condominium property caused by any owner’s air conditioner unit, appliances, shower, toilet, bath or anything else within that owner’s unit shall be the responsibility of such owner, Reimbursement shall be made to the extent that the damage exceeds the amount if any recovered under the owner’s insurance policy, and shall not be the responsibility of the Association.
11. No hazardous or combustible materials are allowed on property. Anyone that violates this rule will responsible for the removal, cleanup, or any damages that this may cause.

1. Violations of rules shall be reported to the Management Company, preferably in writing. If they are not available, the chain of command will follow: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Director; in the event of their absence, then report it to Security.
2. The Management Company will call violations to the attention of the violating owner.
3. The Board of Directors under the Declaration of Condominium has the authority to enforce these rules and regulations and to take action against violators.
4. It is intended that these rules and regulations will be periodically reviewed as deemed appropriate. Members are invited to submit in writing to the Board of Directors their suggestions for rule changes so that the Board may consider them periodically.
5. Any and all violations of these rules and regulations may be submitted to the Association attorneys for consideration and the Board of Directors shall, as it may determine, take such action after the legal consultation.
6. Each violation shall be subjected to a fine of up to One Hundred Dollars, ($100.00) per violation. A fine may be levied on the basis of each day of a continuing violation, with a single notice and opportunity for hearing, provided that no such fine shall in the aggregate exceed One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).
7. All damages assessed to any owner shall be payable in 30 days from date of assessment and shall accrue interest at the applicable rate per month until such time as it is paid.
8. Members shall be liable for all damages to the building caused by receiving deliveries, or moving or removing furniture or other articles, to or from the building-

The Board will appoint a Violations Grievance Committee comprised of three (3) unit owners at a duly noticed meeting of the Board.
I. Any residents who are in violation of the Association’s governing documents shall be advised in writing.
3. If the violation is not cured within ten (10) days, the Association will send another notice to the unit owner, advising that a hearing has been scheduled before the Violations Grievance Committee.